visualization: brain boxes

Brain boxes

A portrait series I created exploring brains and their boxes. Projectors and mirrors are used to overlay 3D-rendered MRI images of the only organ capable of asking questions about itself. All participants are researchers within the brain sciences community at Duke University

installation: LINK mediawall

Brain Boxes interactive digital installation

18-panel tiled wall display, ceiling mounted network cameras. Real-time motion tracking allows viewers to interact with the piece through movement. Multiple interactive states update the display as viewers move through the space, encouraging self-directed exploration of the relationship between the brain and the invidual.

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installation: Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

Invited installation in the new home of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. 24 silhouettes selected from the complete set, hung in the central atrium, greeting visitors as they enter the new facility.

Brain Boxes installation, Duke Institute for Brain Science. Grand Opening Sept 10th, 2015

black & white prints (24"x24")


Brain Boxes

foreword by Simon Davis, PhD
85 pages (8.5" x 8.5"), softcover

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